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5 Tips To Help Protect Your "Leave Out"

Sew in are great for protecting your natural hair and healthy hair growth. the most essential part is the leave out which allows for a natural flat look.

Before we go any further, leave out is your hair that is left out to cover the hair extensions and allows for the perfect blend.

1. Bedtime Routine

This is very important! the purpose of your install is to protect your hair, and this includes your leave out. Avoiding as much heat damage as possible is always best for your leave out.

Take 5-10 mins before bed and wrap up your hair, (Check out our igtv video on doing a “tubi”), or just lay it flatly and secure it with a silk scarf. The silk scarf acts as a barrier between your head and the pillow. This avoids friction which causes hair breakage and the need to use heating tools.

If you have wavy texture hair, you can braid or twist your leave out and tie it to down to get the pattern of your extensions.

2. Change it up

Now am a side part girl all day. Its just something about that side part sew in, that I love. It gives off a playful yet sexy vibe. You can wear it sleek & straight or add some sultry curls.

But this also requires more hair to be left out, which means more maintenance. Try getting middle parts every now and then. They require a lot less hair to be left out and is easier to manage.

And now with frontals and closure you can even opt to not have any leave out to give your entire hair a break.

3. Get the right stuff

Remember your leave out deserves the good stuff too. This requires you to invest in quality products that allow your leave out to flourish.

Starting with your shampoo & conditioner. Using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is great since it doesn’t strip your hair of its natural texture plus you can use it on your extensions.

Bonus tip: make sure you take your time to dry your hair. Having wet hair under your install can cause itching, a mild dew smell, or mold.

Invest in a good heat serum that protects your leave out and locks in moisture and shine. Try Kera care 6 n 1 thermal protection. Not only does it protect against heat damage but also humidity, which is a win for those of us that live in hot climates like Florida.

Edge control is a great way to lay those edges and complete your look. Using a bit goes a long way, try not to use to much and weight down your hair.

4. Accessories

Hair is no fun if you can’t dress her up. Accessories are perfect when you don’t want to apply any heat or maybe just didn’t feel like it that day (we all have those days). Get creative especially with these cute hairpins and barrettes in style. Headbands and scarfs are great as well. You will still look fabulous and your leave out gets a break from heat products.

Side note: heating tools should be used about once a week. Always remember just because your flat iron can heat up too 400 degrees doesn’t mean that’s what your hair requires. You don’t want to fry your hair.

5. Hard to say goodbye

Now comes the hard part, taking your install out lol. But this isn’t goodbye just see you later. Knowing when to take out your install is vital to your leave out. Your hair needs a break just like every part of our body.

A good rule of them is to keep install between 4-8 weeks depending on your preference. Anything longer without proper care can cause your hair underneath to become matted or damage. Once remove a good treatment and trim is all your hair needs. Allow your hair to “breath” for a couple of weeks.

Now you have 5 simple tips to protect your leave out with your install.

Do you already practice some of these tips? Or have some tips you would like to share? Comment below we would love to hear from you ! #leaveoutsewin #protectivestyles

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