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Skip The Shampoo!!

You hear it all the time, how great it is to co-wash your extensions.

But what exactly is co washing and why is it beneficial? Co-washing is when you skip the shampoo and just rely on conditioner to wash your hair. Why should you do it? This allows your hair extensions to take a break from the harsh chemicals that shampoos’ use to clean your hair of all the dirt and product build up.

Keep in mind, that your extensions are from an actual donor’s head, and is no longer able to produce its natural oils that keeps it healthy, shiny and moisturized. So, excessive use of shampoo can cause your extensions to become dry, brittle, and tangle. This is especially important for curly and wavy hair, as the conditioner helps your curls become more define and bouncy!

Another reason, why you should add co-washing to your weekly hair routine is because you can remove day to day odors that may stick to your hair. Nowadays, we girls run the world(in my Beyoncé voice) , you live an active lifestyle and you want to make sure your hair keeps up with it. Especially for those of us that hit the gym, your hair can get pretty stinky at times LOL. Co-washing weekly give you fresh moisturized hair, that smells great! And the best thing is that this helps increase the extensions longevity over time.

These are just a few of the benefits of co-washing your extensions. Now, that you know why it is important, let’s show you how easy it is to do.


· Extensions

· Bowl/Sink

· Paddle Brush/Wide Tooth Comb

· Favorite Conditioner

1.First, you want to gather all the items listed above.

2. Fill the sink or a bowl with lukewarm. (The heat in the water allows the cuticles to open and absorb the moisture from the conditioner)

3. Get your Extensions and remove all packaging from each bundle, (Note: don’t unravel the hair to prevent it from becoming tangle while washing) and submerge the hair in the water.

4.Reach for your favorite conditioner and apply a generous amount while moving in a downward motion.

5. Now, get you paddle brush/wide tooth comb to help distribute the conditioner onto the hair while also detangling. Starting from the bottom and working your want up to ensure that extensions are rid of any knots or tangles.

6. Rinse out thoroughly and repeat once more with conditioner.

7. Repeat with each bundle

8. Place you bundle in an area so that it can properly air dry. For those with a curl/wavy pattern don’t touch hair excessively, while it is drying as this can cause your hair to dry puffy and frizz.

Viola, you have co wash your extensions. Your hair will feel as soft as your pillow and have its natural shine and moisture.

Remember, you just invested $150+ on your extensions, so you want to make sure you treat this as you would your own hair with the proper care and maintenance. This simple method can add years onto the life time of the hair.

Did this help? Comment Below, We would love to hear from you.

How often do you co wash?

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