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How to Do the “Bald Cap Method”!

Are you struggling with getting your Glueless Wig to look like you just walked out the salon?

There’s nothing worse than wearing your wig and wondering “Do they know I am wearing a Wig?”. The “Bald Cap Method” isn’t just for when you are gluing your wig down. It can be used on your Glueless Wigs as well.

This will not only have your wig looking it has been professionally installed but it helps keep your braids under fresher longer.

Before, we dive into how to do it. Let’s talk about what is the “Bald Cap Method”. It’s when you use a nylon cap (wig cap or stocking cap) to act as the barrier between your wig and natural hair. This process keeps your wig from slipping back and gives you a realistic look. Not to mention, it helps keep all your edges intact.

I know you’re thinking how long does this last, right? Well, the Bald Cap Method can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on the care. Making it super easy to pop on your wig and get your day started.

Another benefit you will love, is that since you aren’t applying G2B or Lace Glue directly on your Glueless Unit your lace will last longer and look brand new every time.

Ok, sis I know you are ready to get the tea on how to properly do the Bald Cap Method, so let’s get to it.

Let’s start with the items you will need to have


Stocking Cap/Wig Cap- We always recommend using a color that is close to your skin tone. This will help it look much more realistic without the use of excessive make-up which can sometimes make it look cakey.

G2B Spray or Gel/ Lace Glue- Either one works well if you’re a newbie I suggest using the G2B Spray or Gel instead of Lace Glue. This is much easier to control, and you can take your time.

Blow Dryer- To help speed up the drying process. Use the nozzle to help direct the heat.

Brush- To help brush your hair back so that it isn’t getting glue on it. An edge brush is ideal.

Rattail Comb- If you can buy the one that has the metal tail so that it doesn’t melt or damage when you are using the blow dry with it.

Powder Foundation- You will apply this to the edge of the cap to help it melt and look just like your scalp. Try to avoid liquid concealer.

Scissors- To help cut the excessive cap off. Get those eyebrow scissors it much easier to use.

Glueless Wig

Optional: Needle/ Thread- Now, this step is completely optional. If you want to sew down the excess cap that will be left in the back of your head. To be honest, I leave it loose since my Glueless Unit will cover it plus it lets me slip my hand back there if I to get to an itch lol.

One more thing, always start with your hair braided down. The most common braiding foundation is straight back aka corn rows. Depending on the length/thickness of your hair this may or may not work. The goal is that you have a flat foundation so that your wig is flat and not lumpy or bumpy.

Now that you have everything you need Let’s Start!

1. Grab your G2b spray/gel and apply to your entire hairline. Then brush your hair back so that it is out the way. Note: Whether you have a closure or frontal unit, you will follow this method.

2. Use your Blow Dryer to help dry the G2b/gel until you feel it becomes “tacky”. This should take 2-3 minutes in total. Tip: Alternative between cool and hot temperature so that you don’t burn yourself.

3. Once, your done. Grab the stocking cap and put it on. Gently pull the stocking cap in the front, until it covers your eyes and ears. I know this is a little bit uncomfortable and you look crazy lol but trust the process sis. The reason you have to pull it over your face is because this helps the stocking cap become thinner, making it melt much easier. Note: If you’re having a hard time seeing, carefully cut some holes where your eyes are. BE EXTRA CAREFUL!

4. Spray your adhesive along the hairline to lock the stocking cap in place. Use the blow dryer and rattail comb to press down the stocking cap. When using the rattail comb make sure you move forward so that you don’t cause the cap to roll back.

5. Do this until your entire cap is locked in place and you can feel it tacky. Make sure it isn’t wet. This will cause your cap to roll back and start slipping.

6. Get those scissors and cut a tiny hole around your ear. Push your ear through. Now, you want to apply a little bit more adhesive on this section where your sideburns are and dry it with the blow dryer. If you have a closure unit this step isn’t all that important, but for frontals this is a MUST. Sideburns/Ear section almost always lift first.

7. Use the scissors to cut the rest of the cap off. When cutting, start in the middle and cut along your hairline. You may see some “frays” but don’t worry we will get that together in the next step. You want to get as close as you can to the hairline without causing the cap to roll back.

8. Let’s tackle those frays! I’m going to tell you a tip that works wonders. Grab your G2B Spray and apply some on your pointing finger and dab on the edge of the cap. Now grab your rattail comb and press down while using the blow dryer. Repeat until you don’t see any frays.

9. Alright, so you almost done sis! Get your powder foundation and make up brush. Apply it to your cap in a circular motion. Be mindful that you blend properly and not apply a lot of it. This will cause it to look cakey.

10. To lock in your make up, use the G2B spray and allow it to dry.

11. Now, put your Glueless wig on and you look like you just walked out of the salon.

You made it sis, not only is your Glueless Wig slayed and giving scalp, but your edges are protected. This process will last about 1-2 weeks depending on the upkeep.

Remember that it may not be perfect the first time but with practice you will get the hang of it.

Comment Below on any questions you may have or any tips you want to share.

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