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What can I use to secure my Glueless Unit?

If you haven’t experienced a Glueless Unit, then you’re missing out girl. Not only are they super convenient to put on and take off but you can do it yourself from the comforts of your own home. It is also a great protective style that lets you give your natural hair a break from daily manipulation and styling. Letting it get a much need break so that it can rest and regrow.

But, once your Glueless unit arrives at your doorstep, what products can you use to help secure your wig so that you feel confident when you walk out the door. With so many different options out there, we decided to break the top 4 down so that you can choose the right one for you.

Let’s start….

1. G2B Freeze Spray

This one is very popular and is often used by celebrity hairstylist to your favorite Youtuber. It’s very easy to use and dries quickly when used in combination with a blow dryer. If you aren’t comfortable with lace glue this is a great alternative for you to use instead. Just like lace glue, this is can be applied in layers. So, what’s the catch? Unlike, lace glue it isn’t as water resistance as you would want. And this can also cause breakouts since your pores are clogged preventing you from cleaning it thoroughly. This can last 1-2 weeks before having to reapply.

2. Lace Glue

Our next one is Lace Glue. This is glue that is specifically made for your lace. It is made to avoid damaging the delicate material while still keep it secure. Just like Lace is new to the hair world so is lace glue. There are so many brands to choose from like Ghost Bond, Ericka J, and so on. Unlike G2B, there are different options to cater to your needs like sensitive skin or water resistance. You can also apply this yourself, but we always recommend leaving it to a professional. If you’re looking for a longer hold this one can last up to 2-4 weeks before having to reapply.

3. Elastic Band

If you want to avoid applying any type of glue or product, then an elastic band is for you. This is a perfect way to avoid excessive use of products while still securing your wig down. Your Glueless unit comes with one of these already construct inside but if it doesn’t. You can easily add one on. (Check out our IG Reel to watch a video on how to do this). You won’t get the melt of your dreams, but your wig will definitely be secure. Make sure that your elastic band is secure not tight, this will cause you A LOT of discomfort.

4. Wig Band

The wig band works just like the elastic band above. The only difference is that it isn’t attached to the wig unit. You place it around your head like the picture above. There are many of these are the market and usually made out of a satin/velvet material which is also safe for your hair as well. It can easily be done at home.

Alright ladies we made it to the end. Now, these aren’t the only methods out there on the market. The key is finding one that is perfect for you and makes you feel comfortable while keeping your unit secure. Did this help you? Was there a method you didn’t see on the list? Let us know

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