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How to Bleach Your "Knots"?

Over the last few years, the hair game has gone to another level. Gone are the days of ill-fitting wigs and hairpieces reserved only for your grandma lol. Nowadays, your wig and hairpieces (Frontal & Closure) can look like it is growing from your scalp sis. How is this possible? Wigs, Closure, and Frontals are constructed on thin and soft lace. This process includes the hair being ventilated one by one.

These are the “knots” that you hear so much about. This part plays a critical role in your hair looking natural, because the knots appear black it has to bleach(lifted)to a color than melts with your scalp. Now, this does not require you to be a hairstylist or weave expert, but you do want to be careful not to overbleach or damage the fragile lace. Keep Reading to learn how you can easily bleach your knots.

First, let us talk about what you will need. Here are the things you will need to grab :

1. Powder Lightner- Examples of this is Clairol BW2, Quick Blue, or Redken Flash Lift are all great choices.

2. Developer Volume 30- Several brands offer developer be sure to get either 20 or 30, many people use 40 but this is only if you are experienced because it lifts so quickly if you are not paying attention you can not only over bleach but damage your hair.

3. Clairol Shimmer Lights (Purple Shampoo)- This will help remove the copper/brassiness on the hair. We do not want you to look like a penny sis lol.

4. Applicator Brush and Bowl- Sold Together

5. Aluminum Foil

6. Conditioner

7. Timer

8. Hair Clip- helps keep the hair out of your way

Alright, now that we have all the tools. Let us start girl.

1. The first thing you want to do it grab your hair clip and gather the hair to help you not bleach the actual hair but just the knots.

2. Now grab your powder lightener, developer with the applicator brush and bowl. Now, the method that works best for us is one cap full of the developer and one cap of the lighting powder. Mix together in the bowl using the applicator brush. Note: The consistency you are aiming for will be similar to cake frosting or cake batter. You want it thick and stiff, not runny, or watery. (That will cause it to seep through the lace and onto your hair.) Test your texture by putting some on the brush and holding it upside. It should not fall this means you are good to go to the next step.

3. Place the hairpiece with the lace facing up. Using the applicator brush, apply the mixture on the lace starting at the top where the baby hairs are located and work your way down. Be sure to no press down so hard, we are only concerned with the knots and not the hair.

4. Take the aluminum foil and place the hairpiece onto it with the lace facing down. You can either sit it on there or enclosed the aluminum around the hair to cover completely. Either way you decide is correct. Take the timer and put 15 minutes on it. Tip: Check on it at the halfway mark. (7 minutes).

5. When the timer sounds off, remove the hair piece from the aluminum foil. You should already see the different in the knots. They should look lighter than when you started. If held against your skin it should blend effortless.

6. Head over to the sink and wash all the bleach off. Don’t forget to remove the hairclip. Make sure everything is off, you do not want any residue left behind.

7. Grab the shimmer lights and apply a generous amount on the lace portion. Scrub it together so that all the bleach is remove. Now, allow it to sit for about 10-15 minutes before you rinse it off.

8. After, move on to conditioning.

9. Lastly, either allow it to air dry, or dry it using a blow dry.

Bonus Tip: Are there some spots, where the bleach made it onto the hair? Don't worry this happens sometimes. Just grab your mascara and hit those spots to make it blend better.

You did girl, you have officially bleached your own knots. See it was not that hard. How was it, was there something that you had a question about. Comment Below and Let us Hear.

Not confident enough to do this on your own yet? Did you know that we offer this service at no cost for you with any closure/frontal purchase? Click Here to Learn More

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